Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation
The University of Arizona
325 Forbes Building
Tucson, AZ 85721-0036
Phone: 520-621-7211
Fax: 520-621-1394


Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Vision:

The vision of the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation is to be the premier fund development partner for the 4-H program in Arizona. The Foundation will secure the financial resources to sustain and grow 4-H in the State and will be the catalyst for innovative, emerging opportunities. The result will be that 4-H youth supported by the Foundation are prepared for a successful future.

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Mission:
The mission of the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation is to provide advocacy, sustained funding support and increased opportunities for all 4-H youth and adult volunteers in the State of Arizona.

You can make a difference in the lives of Arizona's Youth
Responsibility is a key life skill a 4-H member acquires when they take the time to acknowledge donors who support them each year. Chino Valley Breakaway Latigos 4-H Club members help out at the Hacienda de los Milagros Burro Rescue. Mesa's Lehi 4-H Club in the east Phoenix area helped convince the city council to reverse a ban on livestock. 4-H Citizenship at its best!

The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit educational organization under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code in September, 1970, by a public spirited group of Arizona's civic and corporate leaders in cooperation with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Foundation, while separate from the University, is sanctioned by the Board of Regents, University administration, the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Cooperative Extension.4-H is giving today's youth that extra edge for life success through hands-on, research-based educational programs and opportunities. Youth hold the future in their hands, but they need your support.


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The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation will now be offering our newsletters and other correspondance via email. Please provide us with your email and help us to cut costs! Email us at:

The new Arizona 4-H state pin is now available to order! The University of Arizona Collegiate 4-H Club is selling them for $0.50 each and can be ordered by filling out this order form and sending it along with payment to the Arizona 4-H Office.

If interested in donating to the foundation, please contact Mary M. Perry at the foundations office. Every donation helps to support a program that teaches Arizona’s 4-H Youth to be the best they can be for their community, country and world.