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Kenya: A call for contributions to research in tropical insect science for development

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Xia Yun Long, an ecologist and Head of the Computer Unit at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Nairobi, Kenya, took advantage of the global communications link offered by the electronic mailing list CONSLINK to issue a call for assistance from colleagues near and far. The text of his message, which was forwarded to thousands of mailing list subscribers worldwide, follows. Respond to Dr. Xia's request by e-mail at either of the electronic addresses below, or by fax at 254-2-860110 or 254-2-803360.

To: Multiple recipients of list CONSLINK

ICIPE Arthropod
Biodiversity Projects Database

The ICIPE Biodiversity Unit is in the process of establishing a database on all arthropod biodiversity projects. The database's objective:

  • to strengthen contacts and information flow between various research institutions working on arthropod biodiversity in the world, and in particular the African Continent;
  • to provide information services on arthropod biodiversity;
  • to enhance collaboration and promote optimal use of financial and scientific resources.
It will be a powerful catalyst to increasing collaboration through existing projects and enhance coherent forward planning. Expected benefits of the database will be:
  • to facilitate the preparation of new projects on arthropod biodiversity;
  • to identify gaps in the biodiversity research activities, and
  • to facilitate access to information on arthropod biodiversity research.
It would be of great assistance to us if you could complete the attached questionnaire. A rapid response is crucial; please reply to either of the e-mail addresses here:

If you do not use e-mail, mail the completed questionnaire to Dr. Lucie M. Rogo or Dr. Yonlong Xia at:
International Centre of Insect
Physiology and Ecology
P.O. Box 30772
Nairobi, KENYA
All respondents to the questionnaire will have free access to the information in the database. If you can send us your reply and related information by e-mail or floppy disk, it will be great for us. The questions follow.

Questionnaire on
Arthropod Biodiversity Projects

Project title :
Telephone Number:
Start Date of Project:
End Date of Project:
Project Objectives:
Project Methodology:
Geographical Area of Project Activities (choose one):
savanna / rainforest / arid / semiarid / aquatic / other (specify)
Target Arthropod:
Type of Project(global, regional, local; name countries covered):
Publications (if any):
Funding Agency:
Total Project Cost:

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