Arid Lands Newsletter--link to home pageNo. 39, Spring/Summer 1996

Borderlands web resources

by Katherine Waser

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In searching the Internet for borderlands resources, I quickly reached two conclusions. First, in terms of regional coverage of arid borderlands, the U.S.-Mexico border has received the lion's share of attention. Second, in terms of Internet protocols, the Web has by far the most material on (U.S.-Mexico) borderlands issues. In fact, I found two "directory page" sites that link to virtually all the other sites my searches turned up independently. Therefore, I'm listing only these two directory sites here. Both make excellent starting points.

New Mexico State University Library's
Border and Latin American Information Archive

This site has the broadest scope of coverage of the sites listed here. It has links of interest to borderlands scholars, K-12 teachers and students, and the Chicano/Hispanic communities, as well as links concerning environmental, political, and business issues. An excellent archive.

Borderlands Environmental Archives

This excellent, frequently updated site concerning environmental issues has been maintained by Ron Mader, freelance journalist and scholar, for three years. For his hot links list, Ron favors content-rich sites sponsored by reputable institutions or publications; he also favors sites that make good use of the Internet's capabilities. In addition to these hotlinks to related sites, this site contains links to newspaper articles Ron has written about the region, bibliographies of borderlands-related resources, and lists of environmental contacts in universities, government agencies and NGOs. Essential if your interests include borderlands environmental issues.

Send us your suggestions!

If you know of an Internet resource on borderlands that isn't included here, we'd like to know about it. We will continue to update this list until the next issue of ALN comes out in the fall of 1996, at which point we will consider this list "complete and final." Please send your suggestions to The Editor.

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