Arid Lands Newsletter--link to home page No. 44, Fall/Winter 1998
Conflict Resolution and Transboundary Water Resources

Openness and river basin institutions: Life along the Niger River

A boy and his favorite goat in the Niger River, Gourma-Rharous, Mali, toward the end of the 1995 dry season. The Niger is used as a transport artery in a region largely without good roads, or roads that are impassable during the six-month May - October wet season. The river also provides drinking water for humans and livestock, and fishing communities can be found along its length. boy and his goat enjoying the Niger River
women and camel crossing Niger River at Niamey Bridges across the Niger are infrequent, and most crossings along the river's length are by boat. In Niamey, Niger, there is just this one bridge linking the two riverbanks, and it is crossed by vehicles, people, and camels such as this one, which is carrying hay destined for consumption by domestic livestock within the city.
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