Arid Lands Newsletter (link)No. 52, November/December 2002
Special issue: Selected papers from the IALC Conference:
Assessing Capabilities of Soil and Water Resources in Drylands:
The Role of Information Retrieval and Dissemination Technologies


About the cover image

thumbnail image of prototype Deserts of World web site home page

This image, from Barbara Hutchinson's article "Building a global arid lands information system: A collaborative approach," shows the mock-up of a potential home page for a newly christened "Deserts of the World" web resource. The mockup was designed by Anne Thwaits, graphic designer at the the Arid Lands Information Center (ALIC), the University of Arizona. As described in the article, it is the hope of the ALIC staff that the "Deserts of the World" prototype web site and the issues presented in the article will provide an appropriate framework to facilitate discussions and collaborations with other arid lands related entities, heading, ultimately, to the realization of a collaborative, international arid lands information system.


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