ALN logo; link to Arid Lands Newsletter Home page No. 54, November/December 2003
Fire Ecology I

Rackham Figs. 10 & 11: Fire breaks and fire risks

Fire-devastated landscape in Greece

Figure 10, left: Scene of a conflagration. The monastery, surrounded by ultra-flammable pine plantations, had a narrow escape. Kythera, Greece, August 2000

Seemingly dead olive grove, 3 months after fire
Figure 11a
: Olive-grove caught in a conflagration and seemingly dead three months later. Kythera, Greece, August 2000

Resprouting olive grove, 12 months after fire
Figure 11b: The same scene twelve months after the conflagration. Olives are not killed by fire, but take several years to resume production. May 2001

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