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Research Opportunities

The University of Arizona is widely known for its research program in remote sensing and spatial analysis. Within NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) program, the University boasts the largest number of principal investigators among all participating universities.

As a result of this high level of research activity, opportunities and financial support for dissertation research in remote sensing and spatial analysis exist in several departments at the University. Campus units particularly active in remote sensing and spatial analysis are the Advanced Resource Technology Group (ART, School of Renewable Natural Resources), Arizona Remote Sensing Center (ARSC, Office of Arid Lands Studies), the Digital Image Analysis Laboratory (DIAL, Electrical and Computer Engineering), the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth, Mining and Geological Engineering, the Planetary Image Research Lab (PIRL, Planetary Science), the Remote Sensing Group (RSG, Optical Sciences), Department of Soil and Water Science, and the Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL, Geography and Regional Development).

Recent research projects have included:

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