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Just in case you had not noticed, this website is no longer being supported. I have moved all class materials and announcements to the D2L site. Please see D2L for updates and current schedules.







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Here is the link to the doodle poll:


Please sign up for a time.  A maximum of 35 people per time please.  Again, if you can come to the earlier session, please do.  I will also provide a summary of diseases we will likely talk about for the actual tour.  This is a good chance to collect plant diseases...


Hi Guys,

To aid in your studying, I am limiting the number of possible disease cycles I will choosed from for the "DRAW THE DISEASE CYCLE" question of the exam. I WILL STILL ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT OTHER DISEASE CYCLES, BUT YOU WONT HAVE TO DRAW THEM.

1) Dutch elm disease

2) Powdery mildew of rose

3) Lettuce drop

4) Cedar apple rust

5) Stem rust of wheat

6) Early blight of tomato



reminder: Monday night review session (on 10/15/2012), basment of the science library, 6-8 pm.


Hello everyone,

I fixed the definition for "macrocyclic" on the Basidiomycete powerpoint. I also changed macrocyclic to hemicyclic on the Gymnosporangium slide. Please note those changes. Also, I will post the practice test this afternoon (it is under the lecture presentations link). Download it and work though it if you are going to come to the Monday night review session. Please, if you have questions, come see me (or write me an emial at least).



Hi guys,

Some changes to the class schedule. We are moving the plant disease tour to OCTOBER 18th. More info on that later. Also, class will be cancelled on October 11th (unless Milan would like to hold a review session on this date). I appologise for this, but something has come up that I can not miss. Hopefully you will find it useful as time to study for the midterm next week.




The questions for this comming Tuesday are posted. I appologize for not getting them up on Thursday. Please remeber to get in touch with me if you haven't already if you would like some help with disease cycles. My email is mvaughan@email.arizona.edu.



I just posted the questions for this week, due Tuesday. They are worth 6 points this week. Also, the assignment requires that you draw...so you might have to leave some room on your typed up answers to draw. If you haven't picked up your tests, please do so soon, email me if you need a special time (and if you want to talk about grades, do that soon too).

Lastly, I will not be having normal office hours on Thursday next week.




I just found out that there will be a fungus collecting and observing trip to Mt. Lemmon this Sunday. As the rains have stopped, there should be an excellent crop of fungi growing on the mountain, as illustrated on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star on Wednesday. 


This is of course NOT a class requirement, but just an opportunity to get up  to some cool climate in the woods, and see the diverse array of fungi in the wild.

The plan is to meet on the south side of the Marley building at 8:30 am  Sunday morning and organize cars to head up the mountain.  The weather forecast for Mt. Lemmon is for sunny weather with a high temp of 72 degrees and low of 46 for that day.  We will be walking through the woods, at least partly off-trail.  Dress appropriately.

We plan to return by around  4 pm. 



Water to drink

Some sort of tool to dig up/pry fungi from the ground or off trees.  A small shovel, spoon, pocket knife are suggestions. 


You may want to bring a small backpack to carry the fungi you collect.
Paper (lunch) bags work well to put your specimens in.

RSVP please: Let me know whether you plan to come, and if you can drive, so we can figure out numbers and cars.




Sorry guys, I didn't have time to put the exam up until now. As of 5:30 pm, the practice test is there.





Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we will have a review session on Monday evening from 6-8 pm. It will be lead by either Milan or myself. Please come with specific questions, I don't want to just meet and give out answers to the practice test that I will post tomorrow. I plan to hve the review session in the basment of the science library. See you all there.



Hi Guys,

My apologies for the delay in getting the questions for Tuesday posted, I had some trouble with linking the file. Don't be sad though, the questions are up and accessible now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



Hi everyone,

I updated the class syllabus a bit. Note that we are moving chapters 8 and 9 up a day. If you can't get the reading done before tomorrow (since I am only telling you now) don't worry, this one is fairly self-explanatory.




I have offically reserved a room for the plant pathology discussion sessions that will be lead by Milan. The sessions will be held from 3-4 am on Tuesdays, in Marley 341H (that is the third floor, conference room where the offices are). These sessions are an open forum to discuss anything related to plant pathology and the class. Attendance is not required, but it is a perfect place to come if you are having trouble with a concept in class or would like a bit of one on one help from someone other than myself (but remember, you can always come by and talk to me too!). Milan will be present for 2 hours, feel free to stop in for whatever amount of time you have.

Cheers - Joe


Hi everyone,

I have added a questions section to the class web site (I think). I will post the weekly questions to this directory. Please download them at your leisure and have a go at them. There will be new questions posted each week on Thursday, and answers (in the form of a printed out hard copy) are due the following Tuesday. Have fun!


8/17/12. Greetings!!!
Welcome to PLP 305, perhaps the most interesting course in all the University!

I just wanted to send you all a quick email for the link to the class website (no, I don't have it up on D2L yet! Rats!). But the website will function as the class link just the same. The URL is http://ag.arizona.edu/plp/courses/plp305/. For lecture presentations the user name is plp305 and the password is pathogens (what else?!!). Now the important thing for you right now is to get the book, which is the same as last year, and is listed on the class website now. It is Essential Plant Pathology, 2nd Edition, 2010, by Schumann and D'Arcy. It is an excellent book with a lot of interactive exercises, but its new to me these last two years so this week my co-instructor/TA Joe Vaughan and I will be putting together a completely new lecture series to match the order of the book. Stay tuned and log onto the website now and then to check for new announcements. I will update you more when class starts. See you on Tuesday!! And we still have a few more seats available in the class so tell your friends. It'll be a great semester!