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Photo Station #082

APR19190 APR 1919 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1919.04

93. Temporary No. P2. Permanent No. 40734A. S. Rita Range Reserve. S. side series of 3 quadrats about 75' south of quadrat JKI. Made by R.L. Hensel on 25 Apr 1919 at 11:30 m. Using stop No. 45. Direction SE. Light Brt. 1/2 sec. General view of poppy field. The browse growth since Reserve was taken over by Forest Service. This was due to a favorable spring rainfall. There is a tremendous amount of forage. Photo Sta #82. Compare with 246589 & 328870. 400-B.

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JUN19300 JUN 1930 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1930.06

Temp. No. 631. No. 246589. Photograph looking southeast from Rodent Station and showing stand of burro weed as well as greatly increased growth of mesquite when compared with photograph No. 40734A taken in April 1919. Photo by Santa Rita R.R. 6-16-30. Photo Sta. #82. Also compare 328870. 400-B.

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SEP19350 SEP 1935 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1935.09

Perm. No. 328870. Temp. No. 2088. Photograph looking southeast from Rodent Station, showing stand of burroweed and mesquite. Retake of 246589 taken in 1930. To be compared. Photo by Cribbs of S.R.E.R. 9/11/35. Exp. 1/2 - 35 - 8 - g - CP. Photo Sta #82. Also compare 40734A. 400-B.

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OCT19510 OCT 1951 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1951.10

P.S. 82. B-51-57. Approx. 50' East of SE corner of Rodent Sta. Encl. 50-22-13-3/4". Repeat of 328870. Bohning, SRER. 10 Oct 1951.

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NOV19590 NOV 1959 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1959.11

M-646. 11/30/59. S.R.E.R. Photopoint 82. This picture is taken from about the same point as previous photographs identified as P.P. 82. It is taken from very close to the same spot used in 1919, but exact location was not established.

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MAY19840 MAY 1984 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1984.05

PS 82. Azimuth 165. May 3, 1984. RFB. Honeywell Pentax 35mm camera. 35mm WA lens. f:8-11 1/125 20'. 10:00 A.M. PS 82 is the same location as PS 111. Permanent location for PS 82 has apparently never been marked on the ground. Robert F. Buttery. Not exact field of view as in earlier photos.

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FEB19880 FEB 1988 1

Photo Archive No. 82.1.1988.02

PS 82. Az 165. Feb. 10, 1988. RFB. Canon AE-1 camera. 35mm WA lens. f:5.6 1/125 Inf. 2:50 P.M. Robert F. Buttery. Not exact field of view as in earlier photos.

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APR 2000 1

PS 82. No photo taken. Recommend dropping station because witness post was never placed, previous photos not always from same location, and PS #111 has better coverage in time and represents area. M. McClaran.

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