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Photo Station #110

APR19200 APR 1920 1

Photo Archive No. 110.1.1920.04

Plate #5. Temporary No. 190. Permanent No. 49732A. Santa Rita RR. Made by R.R. Hill on 15 Apr 1920 at 1:45 m. Using stop No. 45. Direction NW. Light Bright - few clouds 1/2 sec. Contrast between utilization inside Pasture #8B and Forest Range adjoining. On Forest side there is no surplus old feed for spring months. Photo Sta #110. Compare 328863. Just north of cattle guard going into Pasture 8 and possibly inside 8 since fence may have been moved east a little. 104-C.

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SEP19350 SEP 1935 1

Photo Archive No. 110.1.1935.09

Perm. No. 328863. Temp. No. 2080. Contrast between utilization in Pasture 8B and Forest Range adjoining. Retake of 49732A taken in 1920. To be compared. Photo by Cribbs of S.R.E.R. 9/10/35. Exp. 1/25 - 22 - 8 - CP. Photo Sta #110. 104-C.

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JUN19480 JUN 1948 1

Photo Archive No. 110.1.1948.06

6-48. A48-82. P.S. 110 repeat photo. Little apparent change in grass density. Bfi, Bch and others in fair stand. Some pricklypear has come in. Cer has lost ground. Some increase in Pve. Closely grazed and dry. SRER. Culley. 10H(3)b.

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MAY19840 MAY 1984 1

Photo Archive No. 110.1.1984.05

PS 110. Azimuth 16. May 9, 1984. RFB. Honeywell Pentax 35mm camera. 35mm WA lens. f:11-16 1/125 20'. 1:30 P.M. Very hazy day. Robert F. Buttery. Not exact field of view as in earlier photos.

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FEB19880 FEB 1988 1

Photo Archive No. 110.1.1988.02

PS 110. Az 16. Feb. 26, 1988. RFB. Canon AE-1 camera. 35mm WA lens. f:8 1/125 Inf. 10:25 A.M. Robert F. Buttery. Not exact field of view as in earlier photos.

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MAY 2000 1

PS 110. No photo taken. Recommend dropping this station because it was not possible to relocate and the photos from 1984 and 1988 are not from the same locations as the earlier photos taken in 1920 and 1935. M. McClaran.

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