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Desert Ecosystem Maintenance and Restoration

ERL uses native desert plants grown at onsite greenhouses to revegetate lands left barren due to mining, overgrazing, abandoned farmland or other unsustainable land use practices.


Urban Environmental Research

ERL develops a range ofappropriate and sustainable technologies that help communities reduce energy and water consumption, while enhancing the quality of life in desert environments.


Sustainable Arid Land Food Production

ERL has 30 years of experience in desert food production. .The Laboratory is world-renowned for its research of salt tolerant crops for food and forage.


Water Quality and Human Health Protection

ERL conducts toxicological and enviromental studies to minimize human risks from contaminated air,soil and water.

It is the home of the University of Arizona National Science Foundation Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center




The University of Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory
2601 E. Airport Drive Tucson, Arizona 85756 (520) 626-3322