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Urban Environmental Research


The overall goal is to help communities reduce their demands on the environment, while making the desert a more hospitable habitat for human settlement. Projects are located throughout the world


The Urban Environmental Research Program develops a range of appropriate and sustainable technologies that help communities reduce energy and water consumption, while enhancing the quality of life in desert environments.

Research Topics

Ecological Restoration and Regereration

  • Evaluation of synthetic soils for remediation

  • Biological regereration of disturbed sites

Urban design and planning

  • Community standards for resource efficiency

  • Storm water impact and potential in urban areas

  • Urban ecosystem sustainability in arid regions

Community Energy and Water Security

  • Passive and active solar system applications

  • Water harvesting system and water quality evaluation

  • Community resource effcicency, energy and water

Outdoor Climate and Comfort

  • Modeling of outdoor human thermal comfort

  • Thermal impact of construcstion materials

  • Impact of urban design on heat island effect



The University of Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory
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