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A designated community for the study of the influence of distribution systems on household water quality at the tap.
water village house 2
water village house4 water village house1
water village house3

Key Features

  • Four unique houses each plumbed with unique distribution lines
  • Development and testing of new technologies to detect biological water intrusion
  • State-of-the-art access for water quality monitoring within the distribution systems
  • Modular system to allow for addition of specific compounds or entities
  • Continuous real-time monitoring capability for water quality within the distribution system e.g., TOC, free chlorine, oxygen, pH
  • Fiber optics to view water within distribution linesIntegration of public and private sector interests
  • Capability to change distribution system water quality as needed to allow studies on household water quality at the tap
  • Automated monitoring of water usage at tap outlets
  • Chemical/microbial water quality laboratory for water analysis
  • Water Education & Training (WET) Center
  • Solar Oasis Water Theme Park

Three key research areas

diagram of researh areas: water safety, water and health, water aesthetics


  • Development and verification of technologies to detect water intrusion via terrorism events
  • Evaluation of household distribution effects on water quality at the tap that influence water safety and intrusion
  • Documentation of chemical changes that occur within distribution lines that cause deterioration of water aesthetics with respect to appearances
  • Evaluation of point-of-use” devices to promote household water quality
  • Implementation of an educational program that illustrates the need for high quality water at the tap, and the need for homeowners to be responsible in maintaining homeowner water quality

Potential Research Projects

  • Evaluation of technologies to detect chemical and biological water intrusion
  • Influence of microbes indigenous to distribution systems on microbial water quality and human health via spores, parasites, viruses
  • Distribution system effects via corrosion, metals and salts on water quality at the tap including, lead and arsenic
  • Fate and influence of endocrines and trace organics on water quality at the tap



The University of Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory
2601 E. Airport Drive Tucson, Arizona 85756 (520) 626-3322