Commodity Readers
These Commodity Readers and sample test questions were financed by a USDA grant and written in collaboration with Illinois and Ohio Ag in the Classroom programs. They are designed to examine agriculture as it relates to Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. These readers are a way to expose students to non-fiction based text. The sample questions can be answered using the text and are designed to take about 10 minutes per subject area.
Arizona Specialty Crop Lessons
These 30 lessons were written by 16 Arizona teachers. All lessons teach about Arizona's specialty crop industry and they have been aligned to Arizona's Academic Standards. Each lesson encompasses more than one subject area.
This project was paid for by a grant from the Arizona Department of Agriculture's Office of Marketing and Outreach. Funds were made available to the ADA by Congressional appropriation pursuant to PL 107-25.
Each lesson is a separate PDF file. Once you open a PDF, you can click on "bookmarks" to print the entire lesson or each individual reproducible page for the lesson.