Water Quality and Animal Feeding Operations in Arizona: A Producer's Notebook

5.  Nutrient Management

In Arizona, nitrogen (N) is the primary nutrient of regulatory concern.  In some other states, phosphorus (P) is the primary nutrient of concern.  Therefore, this section of the notebook provides information on both N and P management.  This section was included to help AFO owners to better understand how to apply nutrients to any cropland they may have. 

Two items regarding nutrient management are included in the front pocket of this notebook.  One is a brochure on the CORE 4 Program, titled "What’s a Crop Nutrient Management Plan?"  This is part of a program by the Conservation Technology Information Center; a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to advancing economic and environmentally beneficial agricultural management systems. 

For more information, call 765-494-9555 or go to: http://www.ctic.purdue.edu

The second item is a nutrient management reference book titled "Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Arizona" by Doerge, Roth, and Garderner, 1991.  It contains information on nurtient management relevant to Arizona climate, soils, and crops.

Two additional items follow in this section.  They are:

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