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Purpose and Background

Purpose. The Crop Pest Losses and Impact Assessment Working Group was established in 2003 to facilitate the collection of real world data on insect losses in key crops in the low deserts of Arizona and Imperial Valley California. We currently collect data on cotton, head lettuce, watermelon and cantaloupes through a face-to-face survey process. In 2008, the process was expanded to include other pest types (plant diseases, weeds) and their impact on crop yields, grower economics and pesticide use.
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Funding. In 2003, the work group was established with funding from the Western IPM Center. Our activities are leveraged by resources and in-kind support from the Arizona Pest Management Center and UA Cooperative Extension. This program is now funded as a Signature Program of the Western IPM Center. Our goal is to expand the tools and approaches we have developed for use in other crops and systems throughout the western region.

Grant Citation: Fournier, A., P. Ellsworth, J. Palumbo, V. Barlow, W. Dixon, M. Matheron, W. McCloskey. Crop Pest Losses and Impact Assessment Working Group. $12,000 (Jan 2012 - Dec 2012).


Cotton Pest Losses This website includes links to complete historical Arizona Cotton Insect Losses data (1979 to present) and the national cotton insect losses data and related information. The survey questionnaire, workshop presentations, and related publications are also available.

Vegetable Pest Losses Data, publications and presentations related to head lettuce and melon insect losses are available on this site.




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