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Current School and Home IPM Newsletters

May 2015 (PDF, 594KB). Featuring Ficus Whitefly

April 2015 (PDF, 422KB). Featuring Filth, Fruit and Drain Flies

March 2015 (PDF, 406KB). Featuring Poison Prevention and Pesticide Safety

February 2015 (PDF, 512KB). Featuring Body Lice

December 2014 (PDF, 346KB). Featuring Rodents: Get them out of your school, house and yard, part II

November 2014 (PDF, 455KB). Featuring Rodents: Get them out of your school, house and yard, part I

October 2014 (PDF, 430KB). Featuring Mosquito IPM and Bed Bug Survey

September 2014 (PDF, 606KB). Featuring Fall Landscape Checklist and Fire Ant Stings

August 2014 (PDF, 881KB). Featuring Healthy Turf

July 2014 (PDF, 572KB). Featuring Rabies

June 2014 (PDF, 725KB). Featuring Scorpions

May 2014 (PDF, 463KB). Featuring School IPM: The Sensible Way to Work the Bugs Out and Asthma Awareness Resources

April 2014 (PDF, 509KB). Featuring EPA Awards to Schools to Help Reduce Children's Exposure to Pesticide

March 2014 (PDF, 305KB). Featuring Pesticide Safety

February 2014 (PDF, 249KB). Featuring Clutter Control and Turkestan Cockroaches

December 2013 (PDF, 219KB). Featuring Rodents, part II

November 2013 (PDF, 356KB). Featuring Rodents, part I

October 2013 (PDF, 410KB). Featuring Human Scabies

Arizona School IPM Program: Leading Efforts Towards Safer Schools (PDF, 74KB).

September 2013 (PDF, 438KB). Featuring Head Lice

August 2013 (PDF, 252KB). Featuring Steps to Start a School IPM Program

July 2013 (PDF, 357KB). Featuring Summer Pest Proofing, School District Survey Reveals Successes and Opportunities, and Monsoon Wonder

June 2013 (PDF, 252KB). Featuring Bed Bugs, Bats, and Natural Insect Repellent

May 2013 (PDF, 324KB). Featuring Mosquito IPM

April 2013 (PDF, 365KB). Featuring Pesticides safety and Mouse Control Videos

March 2013 (PDF, 472KB). Featuring the IPM Curricula and Healthy Schools Network


Upcoming Events: School IPM

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