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Purpose and Background
School IPM 2020: Pest Management Strategic Plan
Western Region School IPM Inventory
Priority-setting Exercise
Current Membership
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Current School and Home IPM Newsletters

July 2016 (PDF, 455kB). Featuring Annual Great Arizona Mosquito Hunt and Fight the Bite

June 2016 (PDF, 938kB). Featuring Online IPM Resources

May 2016 (PDF, 1.1MB). Featuring Wild Honey Bees in Community Environments

April 2016 (PDF, 913KB). Featuring Zika and IPM Weed Control

March 2016 (PDF, 827KB). Featuring Pesticide Safety and IPM Weed Control

February 2016 (PDF, 520KB). Featuring Pesticide Application Notification in Schools and Zika Virus

January 2016 (PDF, 598KB). Featuring Kissing Bugs

November 2015 (PDF, 676KB). Featuring Rodents IPM

October 2015 (PDF, 406KB). Featuring School IPM and Fig Beetles

September 2015 (PDF, 610KB). Featuring Head Lice

August 2015 (PDF, 635KB). Featuring Mosquito-borne Diseases and Mosquito IPM

July 2015 (PDF, 909KB). Featuring School IPM Plan and Giant Mesquite Bugs

June 2015 (PDF, 479KB). Featuring Pests on Landscape Plants

May 2015 (PDF, 594KB). Featuring Ficus Whitefly

April 2015 (PDF, 422KB). Featuring Filth, Fruit and Drain Flies

March 2015 (PDF, 406KB). Featuring Poison Prevention and Pesticide Safety

February 2015 (PDF, 512KB). Featuring Body Lice

December 2014 (PDF, 346KB). Featuring Rodents: Get them out of your school, house and yard, part II

November 2014 (PDF, 455KB). Featuring Rodents: Get them out of your school, house and yard, part I

October 2014 (PDF, 430KB). Featuring Mosquito IPM and Bed Bug Survey

September 2014 (PDF, 606KB). Featuring Fall Landscape Checklist and Fire Ant Stings

August 2014 (PDF, 881KB). Featuring Healthy Turf

July 2014 (PDF, 572KB). Featuring Rabies

June 2014 (PDF, 725KB). Featuring Scorpions

May 2014 (PDF, 463KB). Featuring School IPM: The Sensible Way to Work the Bugs Out and Asthma Awareness Resources

April 2014 (PDF, 509KB). Featuring EPA Awards to Schools to Help Reduce Children's Exposure to Pesticide

March 2014 (PDF, 305KB). Featuring Pesticide Safety

February 2014 (PDF, 249KB). Featuring Clutter Control and Turkestan Cockroaches

December 2013 (PDF, 219KB). Featuring Rodents, part II

November 2013 (PDF, 356KB). Featuring Rodents, part I

October 2013 (PDF, 410KB). Featuring Human Scabies

Arizona School IPM Program: Leading Efforts Towards Safer Schools (PDF, 74KB).

September 2013 (PDF, 438KB). Featuring Head Lice

August 2013 (PDF, 252KB). Featuring Steps to Start a School IPM Program

July 2013 (PDF, 357KB). Featuring Summer Pest Proofing, School District Survey Reveals Successes and Opportunities, and Monsoon Wonder

June 2013 (PDF, 252KB). Featuring Bed Bugs, Bats, and Natural Insect Repellent

May 2013 (PDF, 324KB). Featuring Mosquito IPM

April 2013 (PDF, 365KB). Featuring Pesticides safety and Mouse Control Videos

March 2013 (PDF, 472KB). Featuring the IPM Curricula and Healthy Schools Network


Purpose and Background

Purpose of Work Group. The Western Region School and Home IPM Work Group was formed to provide a focal point for interactive communication and collaboration of community IPM stakeholders and change agents throughout the Western Region. Members include state, territory and tribal representatives, university, industry, advocacy organization, and federal agency groups.

Goal. Work to encourage and enhance successful implementation of IPM in community environments in the NIFA Western Region.

Funding. In 2006, the work group was established with funding from the Western IPM Center. Our activities are leveraged by considerable resources and in-kind support from many member institutions, including the Arizona Pest Management Center.


School IPM 2020: Pest Management Strategic Plan

School IPM 2020: A Strategic Plan for Integrated Pest Management in Schools in the United States. Green, T.A. and Gouge, D.H., editors. IPM Institute of North America website.


Western Region School IPM Inventory

The Western School IPM Working Group is charged with creating an inventory of existing school IPM programs, resources, and laws throughout the West. These inventory documents are created and regularly updated by working group participants. They are meant to serve as a resource for established and nascent school IPM programs in the West and elsewhere.

July 2011

School & Child Care IPM & Pesticide Laws (PDF, 37KB) A state-by-state checklist of IPM and pesticide laws for schools and child care facilities in western states. (Updated July 2011)


School Pesticide Use laws


Priority-setting Exercise

2016 Education Management Regulatory Research Needs (PDF, 121KB)


Current Membership

Updated June 29, 2016

Lead Contact: Dawn H. Gouge, Urban Entomologist (University of Arizona)

Complete Member Information (PDF, 127KB) A list of work group members with complete contact information.

Elisabeth Alden, University of Arizona
Diane Alston, Utah State University
Tom Babb, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Rebecca Baldwin, University of Florida
Rick Bell Arrow Exterminators
Steven Blunt, Colorado Department of Agriculture
Lynn Braband, Cornell University; Northeastern Region sIPM WG
Gary Braness, Bayer Environmental Science
Sam Bryks, Integrated Pest Management Consultancy
Kaci Buhl, National Pesticide Information Center
Clark Burgess, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
Mary E. Burrows, Montana State University
Don Callaway, Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control
Jorine Campopiano, Environmental Protection Agency- Region 9
Jon Carpenter, Nevada Department of Agriculture
Bob Cartwright, Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
Kari Christensen, Oregon Department of Health Services
Gilbert Chun, Hawaii Department of Education
John F. Connett, University of Wyoming
Pat Copps, Orkin, Inc., California and western states
Vince Craig, Office of Pest Management
Bill Currie, International Pest Management Institute, Arizona
Ryan Davis, Utah State University
Tiffany DeAlva, Catalina Unified School District, AZ
Allen Demorest, EPA Region 9
Kevin Drake, Arizona Department of Agriculture
Diane Eckles, Arizona Department of Health Services
Fabiola Estrada, US EPA Region 9
Lisa Estridge, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Carrie Foss, Washington State University
Al Fournier, University of Arizona
Indra Frank, Board of Directors Improving Kid's Environment
Bruce Gazaway, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Sherry Glick, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs, Nevada
Kathryn Goldman, Pesticide Action Network of Blaine County
L.C. Fudd Graham, Auburn University; Southern Region sIPM WG
Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America, Inc.,Wisconsin; North Central Region sIPM WG
Nina Hapner, Kashia Band of Pomo Indians
Tony Harback, Office of Pest Management
Nichelle Harriott, Beyond Pesticides
Lyndon Hawkins, IPM Professional, California
Robert Hayes, Idaho Department of Agriculture
Mary Hintikka, Legal Nurse Consultant
Janet Hurley, Texas AgriLife Extension
Linda John, Montana Department of Agriculture
Joan Ketterman, Environmental Management Institute
Janet Kirkland, Montana Department of Agriculture
David Kopec, University of Arizona
Pat Kwiatkowski, Pat Kwiatkowski
Marc Lame, Indiana University
Alexandre V. Latchininsky, University of Wyoming
Shujuan (Lucy) Li, University of Arizona
VelRey Lozano, EPA Region 8
Jack Marlowe, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, Washington
Thomas K. Matsuda, Hawaii Department of Ag
John McCown, Ecolab
Kenneth R. McPherson, US EPA Region VI
Belinda Messenger, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
William Miller, Army IPM Consultants
Debby Mir, Tel-Hai Academic College, Isreal
Tom Muhlbach, Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Stacy Murphy, US EPA Region 6
Kathy Murray, Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources; Northeastern Region sIPM WG
Shaku Nair, University of Arizona
Angela O'Callaghan, University of Nevada
Chip Osborne, Osborne Organics
Lionel Puhuyesva, Hopi EPA
Alvaro Romero, New Mexico State University
Clay W. Scherer, DuPont Crop Protection
Ursula Schuch, University of Arizona
John W. Scott, Colorado Department of Agriculture
Kyrrah Sevco, Ecology Action, California
Mark Shour, Iowa State University Extension; North Central Region sIPM WG
Forrest St. Aubin, Augustine Exterminators
Tim Stock, Oregon State University
Andrew M. Sutherland, UCCE Alameda County
Cathy Tarutani, University of Hawaii
Cecil Tharp, Montana State University
Hank Uhden, Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Kai Umeda, University of Arizona
Peter Warren, Pima County Cooperative Extension
Mike Wierda, University of Arizona
Fred Willey, Invader Pest Managerment
Keith Willingham, Western Exterminator Company
Erick Wolf, Innolytics, LLC
Julian Yates, University of Hawaii
Ricado Zubiate, Salt Lake City School District, Utah



2014 Report of Community IPM Programs in Western Region States
2014 School IPM State Report Brief
IPM Workgroup Report 2015



Preparing Your School IPM Plan (PDF Template).

Generic School IPM Plan Template (Word, 171KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

Appendix 1: Pest Monitoring (Word, 35KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

Appendix 2: Inspection (Word, 115KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

Appendix 3: Pesticide Application Notification (Word, 55KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

Appendix 4: Hiring an Outside Contractor (Word, 101KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

Tribal School IPM Plan Template 011515-v10 (Word, 274KB). Please check your downloads after you click the link.

School Integrated Pest Management (in Chinese)

School Integrated Pest Management (in English)

Reducing Your Child's Asthma Using Integrated Pest Management: A Practical Home Guide for Parents

The Business Case For Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Cutting Costs and Increasing Benefits

Fournier, A., T.J. Gibb & C.Y. Oseto. 2010. Go to the Head of the Class: A Research-based Approach to Understanding Adoption and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in Schools. Purdue IPM Technical Resource Center, Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN. 375 pp.



IPM: Integrated Pest Management


Schools Pest Press (prior to 2013)

August 2012 Issue 2, featuring Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus, in English (PDF, 678KB).

August 2012 Issue 1, Back-to-School Issue, featuring Head Lice in English (PDF, 65KB).

June 2012 Issue, Clear-Up and Clean-Out For Summer, in English (PDF, 396KB).

An IPM newsletter for school personnel. August 2010 Issue, featuring Head Lice, in English (PDF, 76KB) and in Spanish (PDF, 80KB).

September 2010 Issue, featuring Bed Bugs, in English (PDF, 196KB).

October 2010 Issue, featuring Mice and Rats, in English (PDF, 156KB).

December 2010 Issue, featuring Pigeons in English (PDF, 298KB).

Previous newsletters can be found here.

Washington State University Pest Press articles available from WSU Urban Pesticide Education Strategy Team

EPA Announces New School IPM Initiative (1.1MB, PDF)


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Regional School IPM Working Groups

Northeast Region School IPM Working Group
North Central Region School IPM Working Group
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National School IPM Website (University of Florida)
IPM Institute of North America: School IPM 2015
Western IPM Center
eXtension: Urban Integrated Pest Management website
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Western School IPM Work Group Archive

Western School IPM Work Group Archive




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