The World Aquaculture Society is encouraging members of the Society to form a Chapter for members in Africa. The WAS has an affiliation with the Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa and would like to see the benefits of similar organization covering the rest of Africa.

To form a chapter, 50 active members from Africa will need to submit a petition to the Affiliations Committee requesting to be recognized as a chapter, citing the number of the interested people. The Board then approves work on the formation of the chapter. Then the petitioners submit a draft set of ByLaws to the Affiliations Committee. After all this is done the Board approves the actual chapter formation and the papers are signed. Chapter membership would be $5 per year. The Chapter would be able to use these funds, plus any other funds that might be generated, for projects that would benefit the chapter and African aquaculture.

The hope is that with the chapter could serve as a focal point for further development of the technical and scientific community of aquaculture professionals. Once a chapter is formed, the parent society would consider supporting a regional conference and providing other support to the chapter and its goals.

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