This Nonindigenous Species Site is a project of the University of Arizona, Arizona Game and Fish, Arizona Department of Agriculture, Salt River Project, and the Central Arizona Project. It is an information center that contains working documents regarding zebra mussels, exotic aquatic plants and other aquatic nuisance species. Links are provided to other sites that also focus on nonindigenous species. The research is supported by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Federation and the Bureau of Reclamation.

Aquatic Nuisance Species
Links to informational sites for a number of nuisance species in Arizona.
Several of these have been present in the state so long they may be thought to be native.

Management of Aquatic Nuisance Species
Links are to management plans that apply to ANS on the national, regional and state level.

Organizations Involved in Management of ANS
These links include other organizations acting to control the spread of ANS
or provide sources of information to increase awareness of the problem of ANS.

Recent Events in ANS Control in Arizona
Links listed below.

Memorandum of Understanding
(Working Draft)

  • Notes on Arizona ANS Plan Workshop Held on Nov. 8, 1999
  • Weed Control SourceBook
  • ANS related laws in Arizona
  • Federal course on Integrated Pest Management of ANS
  • Guide to I.P.M. for Weeds in the West
  • Produced by the University of Arizona

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