September 14, 1999

Dear Cooperator:

Nuisance aquatic species are poised for invasion of our State! These sound like strong words, and perhaps they are. None-the-less, some aquatic nuisance species could soon impact sport fishing, agriculture, water conveyance, water management, water-based recreation, electrical power generation, native fish and wildlife, and entire ecosystems in Arizona.

Over the past decade, concern has grown over invasive aquatic species like hydrilla, zebra mussel, and now giant salvinia. All of these exotic, invasive species could have serious effects in Arizona. We can prepare ourselves to do something about it.

While the Arizona Game and Fish Commission certainly doesn’t have authority over the range of potential invaders, partnership with you could help prepare Arizona to respond to these kinds of issues. You are invited to attend and participate in an Aquatic Nuisance Species planning workshop that I am coordinating at the West Campus of Arizona State University, at 4701 West Thunderbird Drive in Phoenix. We are meeting in the Ballroom of the University Center. The workshop is planned for November 8th, from 9 AM until 4 PM. We will feature formal presentations, panel discussion, updates on existing threats to Arizona, a draft Aquatic Nuisance Species plan, and a chance for open discussion.

There is no registration fee, however I would appreciate knowing that you plan to attend. Please respond to my office by October 29th so that we can get an accurate count of the numbers of anticipated attendees. You can let us know of your intention to attend by calling 602-789-3257. We are currently planning space for up to 150 attendees. Feel free to spread the word to other that may be interested in attending. If you would like more information on Aquatic Nuisance Species or wish to get an advance copy of our draft plan, check out the web page at:



Larry Riley

Fisheries Chief