Aquaculture Systems

   A proper system is required for a successful aquaculture operation.   When designing one you need to take several things into consideration.  First is the species and the amount of the fish you wish to raise.  Different species require a variety of different setups therefore it is important that you know the needs of the fish you want to raise.

    One such factor that is important to know is the climate of the area in which you wish to raise fish.  The temperature throughout the year can greatly determine you success in the production of your operation.  Areas with colder winters might need a heating system built into the rest of the design.  Same as with hot summers, a cooling system might need to be put in.

    It is also good to leave room for future expansion.  When planning your design you will want to make it so that if in the future you wish to expand your operations then you will not have to re-work your whole setup.  Also, you will want to make it so that any repairs that might be necessary can be easily fixed without a lot of work.

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