Information on Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems

    This page is to give you more information about the kind of aquaculture systems that are most often used in schools, namely recirculating aquaculture tank production systems.  The system plans and pictures of the construction process are all this type of system, where as the name implies, fish are grown in tanks and the water is reused after filtration.  These informational fact sheets were produced through support by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center through the United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative States Research, Education, and Extension Service.  Even though the information originates in the southeastern region of the United States, it is relevant to recirculating aquaculture tank production systems all over the world, with various potential charges due to climate of course.
Overview of Critical Considerations
        A broad look at what makes up a recirculating system.

Management of Recirculating Systems
        This article addresses problems of management of systems to help you make better informed decisions as you face problems in aquaculture .

Review of Component Options
        This is a more detailed look at the components of an aquaculture system, as mentioned in the startup page.

Integrating Fish and Plant Culture
        An interesting look at using secondary crops (plants) to utilize by-products of production of the primary species (fish), thus increasing the economic production of the system as a whole.

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