F. AQUACULTURE FIELD DAY EXAM - partial old example

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1. The country which grows the most aquaculture products is

            a. Japan

            b. China

            c. United States

            d. Bolivia

2. The biggest aquaculture crop in the US is

            a. Catfish

            b. Trout

            c. Sturgeon

            d. Largemouth Bass

3. The first limiting factor in most aquaculture operations is

            a. food

            b. oxygen

            c. carbon dioxide

            d. ammonia

4. The scale for measuring the degree of acidity and alkalinity is

            a. DO

            b. unionized NH3

            c. the Fitzsimmons scale

            d. pH

5. The oldest known textbook of aquaculture in Tilapia Aquaculture is

            a. Growing Tilapia for Dummies by K. Fitzsimmons

            b. Carp Culture by Fan Li

            c. Aquaculture Diary by J. Morgan

            d. Trout Culture by B. Franklin

            e. Shrimp Culture by U. Fukada

            f. Aquaculture for Idiots by I Wona No

6. A good feed conversion ratio is

            a. 3:1

            b. 4:1

            c. 2:1

            d. 5:1

7. Raceway culture of trout is an example of (intensive or extensive) fish culture.

8. Match the species with the common name

            a. Catfish                                                     1. Oreochromis niloticus

            b. Tilapia                                                      2. Crassostrea gigas

            c. Trout                                                         3. Peneaus vannamei

            d. Striped bass                                           4. Ictalurus punctatus

            c. Crayfish                                                    5. Oncorhynchus gairdneri

            f. Freshwater prawn                                    6. Morone saxatilis

            g. Marine shrimp                                         7. Macrobrachium rosenbergii

            h. Pacific Oyster                                          8. Procambaris clarkii


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