To become a member, Print this page, fill in information, enclose cash or check and mail to ATA Office address listed at bottom of page.

MEMBERSHIP   The ATA is an open Association with members around the world. Although the focus has been on the developments and marketing in the US, the fundamentals of Tilapia culture and genetics have worldwide implications and overseas enthusiasts are welcome to participate.   The ATA is a member of the National Aquaculture Association (NAA) and is open to membership worldwide.   Members receive a quarterly newsletter, discounts on registration for World Aquaculture and other industry meetings and discounts on tilapia reference books published by the Association.

Memberships are good for 12 months after receipt at the home office:

Supporter member (producers and industry suppliers)                      $100
Active member (farm employees, buyers, potential producers)          $  50
Sustaining member (educators, hobbyists, interested individuals)       $  25
Advertising Supporter (vendors or producers who desire advertising in the Tilapia Times Newsletter and active links from Website) $ 250



City or Town: ________________________ State:_____________

Country:____________________________ Postal Code:________


Phone number: _____________________________

Supporter member - Firm name____________________________        x         $100

Active member - Firm name ______________________________         x         $50

Sustaining member - Firm (if any) __________________________        x          $25

Advertising member - Firm __________________________                 $250

TOTAL submitted    $____________         cash _____    check # ________

Memberships can be submitted to the ATA office at:

American Tilapia Association
c/o Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons
University of Arizona,
1140 E. South Campus Drive
Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone (941) 744-9698
Fax (941) 750-9427
E-mail to Office Manager