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Lettuce Ice Forecast Program

The Lettuce Ice Forecast Program provides improved temperature forecasts for the vegetable
production areas of Yuma County. The program, a cooperative venture of Arizona Cooperative
Extension and the University of Arizona Department of Atmospheric Sciences, uses the WRF
forecast model to make high resolution temperature forecasts. The program also provides regular
updates on local meteorological conditions through a network of real-time weather stations.

Funding assistance is needed to continue this program after 15 January 2013.
The grant funding this project ends on that date and an alternate funding source
is required to maintain operations.

Please contact Paul Brown, ( ), or by cell phone ( 520-419-2991 )
if you can assist with funding.

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The Arizona Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Consultation and Training has funded all
or a portion of this Project, using Speciality Crop Block Grant funds provided by the USDA,
Agricultural Marketing Service. The views or findingsp resented are the Grantee’s and do not
necessarily represent those of the State or the Arizona Department of Agriculture.