AZMET Normal Files
Description of Comma Delimited ASCII Text File Format
    AZMET's Normal data files in comma delimited ASCII text file format provide the same data as the 'ready-to-use' normal pdf files but eliminate the column titles, text definitions, and the summary statistics for the month. These files are designed for use with spreadsheets and database software and summarize the normal (average) conditions for each day of the year on one line. For a given date, each data value is separated by a comma (the delimiter). A carriage return-line feed character sequence follows the last data point on each line. The format for both the English and metric unit files are the same; just change the units. Details on the format and units are provided below.

    The string of numbers separated by commas (upper line) represents and actual set of normals (metric) for a day. The numbers on the lower line associated with the slash characters, simply identify the 15 parameters in the normal data set (they will not appear in the file). The 15 parameters in the normal data files and the units associated with each parameter are provided in the table below.

            Data :   41,20,4,12,81,26,53,-1,14.5,11,1.9,2,87,3.1,0.33
                     -- -- - -- -- -- -- -- ---- -- --- - -- --- ----
                     /  / / /  /  /  /   /  /    /  /  /  /  /    /
       Parameter :  1  2 3 4  5  6  7   8  9   10  11 12 13 14   15
    Parameter Metric Units English Units
    1 Day of Year (DOY)
    2 Maximum Temperature Degrees C Degrees F
    3 Minimum Temperature Degrees C Degrees F
    4 Average Temperature Degrees C Degrees F
    5 Maximum Relative Humidity Percent (%) Percent (%)
    6 Minimum Relative Humidity Percent (%) Percent (%)
    7 Mean Relative Humidity Percent (%) Percent (%)
    8 Mean Dew Point Temperature Degrees C Degrees F
    9 Solar Radiation MJ/m*m/Day Langleys/Day
    10 Mean Soil Temperature 10 cm Degrees C Degrees F
    11 Mean Wind Speed Meters/Second Miles/Hour
    12 Heat Unit Accumulation / Day Degree C Days
    Thresholds: 30° & 12.8° C
    Degree F Days
    Thresholds: 86° & 55° F
    13 Heat Unit Accumulation Since Jan 1 Degree C Days
    Thresholds: 30° & 12.8° C
    Degree F Days
    Thresholds: 86° & 55° F
    14 Reference Evapotranspiration Millimeters Inches
    15 Mean Precipitation for Day Millimeters Inches

    Note : Mean for the day is provided to allow computation of precipitation totals over selected time periods such as a week, month or year.
    This parameter is computed by summing the total precipitation reported on a given day over the period of the record and then dividing by the number of years in the record.