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Mohammed Abdelwahab is a CATTS fellow with the Biotechnology in the Classroom project, Mohammed hopes to inspire students to the immense opportunities scientific research has to offer. Mohammed’s background is in the area of neurobiology. He is currently studying Physiological Studies and researches the role of glia-dependent axon sorting in the developing olfactory system in the Hawk moth. Mohammed will be working with the biotech BIO5 Project.


Michelle Gambler’s focal area is the areas of epidemiology/biostatistics and she comes to us from the Department of Anthropology and the College of Public Health where she researches emerging diseases in various populations. She enjoys horseback riding, playing soccer, and waterskiing and will be working with Tree of Life WEB Project.


Marianne Butler  is working with the Water Education Program for Southern Arizona and Tucson Water. Her focus is on Urban Sustainability which involves Arizona's Growing Smarter Guiding Principles to be developed by a governor appointed council which will help to make recommendations to enhance platforms of sustainability. Marianne also enjoys outdoor activities such as backpacking, traveling, and skiing.

Brenae Bailey is from Laramie, Wyoming and has a background in math and astrophysics. She has studied star formations and has a passion for x-ray sources in dwarf galaxies. How cool is that! She was also a  Peace Corp Volunteer in Botswana and loves reading science fiction, hiking and international folk dancing! She will be working with the NOAO/Astronomy Project.

Katie Giroux’s interests include vegetation management, water sustainability, spatial analysis and environmental education.  Outside of academics, Katie enjoys country music, outdoor insanity, cooking, running marathons, traveling and all kinds of other adventuresome merriment. Katy will be working with the UA Dept. of Geosciences—Students Across Borders and the Master Watershed Steward Programs.

2006-2007 CATTS Alumni





Insects and teaching are Chris Goforth’s two main passions, but she’s got more interests than we can count. She loves to cook and  loves art, and even finds time to pursue a variety of artistic endeavors, namely relief printmaking, metalwork, photography, artist’s books, and journaling. Her research is on giant water bugs...awesome! And she will be working with the TUSD Cooper Environmental Campus!








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