AREC 350
Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policies


Professor: Dr. Paul Wilson
Office: Chávez, Rm. 403A

Phone: 621-6258



Course Description
The economic and ethical dimensions of decisions concerning public policies are critical factors in understanding and resolving environmental and natural resource challenges in our society today. Biotechnology, endangered species, groundwater contamination, property rights, land use, animal welfare, food safety, and air quality are examples of current policy issues which challenge scientists, business executives, government leaders, and concerned lay people. AREC 350 develops your capabilities to critically understand and analyze these issues using general economic concepts and principles. The course introduces a select number of economic, ethical and negotiation tools to enhance your ability to analyze environmental management alternatives and make decisions. Special emphasis is given in this course to private sector innovation for resolving environmental concerns and the application of confilict resolution tools. Lectures and small in-class projects, supplemented by videos and case studies, are the primary teaching methods.

It is essential that you attend class because a significant amount of material presented in class is not in your readings.


CESL 103

Office Hours
Monday and Friday 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Students are encouraged to stop by the office to discuss matters requiring clarification or other academic issues. I maintain an OPEN DOOR POLICY. If I am in my office I will speak with you unless I am working on something extremely urgent. Or you may make an appointment at a mutually agreeable time by calling me on the phone or sending me an e-mail message with proposed meeting times.

Teaching Assistants
Quatie Jorgensen
Dinkar Kuchibhotla ksdinkar@email.arizona.ed
Hao Lu
Chávez 438
Office hours: TBA

Administrative Assistant
Heather Jepsen
Chávez 403B

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