Economics of Natural Resources


Stuff Spring 2007

Stuff 1 Gary Becker's Economics

Stuff 2 The Unity of Science

Stuff 3 Economics and Empirical Methods

Stuff 4 Basic Present Value Rules

Stuff 5 Sir William Blackstone on Property

Stuff 6 First Possession and Legal Rules

Stuff 7 Classic Open Access Model

Stuff 8 Key Features of Property Law

Stuff 9 First Possession

Stuff 10 Example of Optimal Time to Claim an Asset

Stuff 11 Political Economy: Analysis of Government

Stuff 12 Economics of Bureaucracy

Stuff 13 Golden Rule of Natural Resources

Stuff 14 3 Period Mine Example

Stuff 15 Hotelling Industry Model

Stuff 16 Hotelling Comparative Statics

Stuff 17 Hotelling Industry Model

Stuff 18 Monopoly in Hotelling Model Graph

Stuff 19 Prices over Time Graph

Stuff 20 Resource Price Poll

Stuff 21 Resource Scarcity Summary

Stuff 22 The Bet

Stuff 23 Other Scarcity Issues

Stuff 24 Oil Ownership

Stuff 25 Water Economics Overview

Stuff 26 Homesteading Oil Reservoirs

Stuff 27 Survey of Renewable Resources

Stuff 28 Forest Growth Example

Stuff 29 The American Bison

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