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AREC 479
Economics of Water Management and Policy

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Professor Bonnie Colby
Chávez Rm. 425

Phone: 621-4775

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Course Description

This course focuses on economic tools and methods useful to water managers and policymakers. Case studies focus on water supply and demand, pricing and transactions, river basin management, recreation and environmental uses, inter-jurisdictional conflicts.

Prerequisites: One full semester of natural resource economics or microeconomics (AREC 217 or ECON 201A; ECON 361 or equivalent) and calculus (MATH 113, MATH 124, or MATH 125 or equivalent).
view of the Grand Canyon

12:30 - 1:45
Chávez 308

Office Hours:
Office hours will be held by Professor Colby 30 minutes before and after class, and as announced in class. Students are welcome to make appointments, in addition to these regular office hours.

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