Three comprehensive exams will be given during a Monday class meeting, and a fourth comprehensive exam will be given during the final exam period established by the university. Exams will be designed to test your understanding of material presented in lectures, labs, field trips, and reading materials and to demonstrate your ability to synthesize and link the array of concepts presented in this course. Most students should be able to complete the exam within 2 hours, although 6 hours are allotted. Exams will begin at noon and no one will be allowed to enter the room to take the exam after the first person has completed their exam and left the room. If you must miss an exam, please let us know so that you can take the exam in advance. Make-up exams will be allowed only in the event of legitimate, verifiable emergencies.

Exams will be administered in a modified cooperative manner. First, each student will complete the exam as an individual and will submit this test for grading. The resulting score will be the base score. Then, students will complete a new copy of the exam in groups (of approximately 4 students). Bonus points will be added to each individual's base score, and the number of bonus points will depend on the score of the group, as shown below.

Group ScoreBonus Points Added to Base Score

We expect strict adherence to the UA Code of Academic Integrity during all exams.

We believe that prompt feedback is important. As a result, we have always returned graded exams during the class period immediately following the exam. We will make every reasonable attempt to continue this practice.

Students who need special accommodation or services should contact the Strategic Alternatives Learning Techniques (SALT) Center for Learning Disabilities and/or the Disability Resources Center (DRC). The Salt Center is located at 1010 North Highland Avenue (voice 520-621-1242, url ) and the DRC is located at 1224 East Lowell Street (voice 520-621-3268, fax 520-621-9423, email, url . The appropriate office must document the need for accommodations. Please provide verification to us no later than the second week of class so that we can help provide the best possible learning environment.