Field Trip, Mt. Lemmon

This field trip will provide opportunities to discuss forest ecology, as well as demonstrate the use of increment borers. We will depart from the south side of the Biological Sciences East building at 12:00 noon.

We plan to visit several sites between 1,800 and 2,800 m. The weather at these sites will be considerably cooler and wetter than the weather in Tucson, so please bring rain gear and something to keep the rain or snow off your notebook. We will take short hikes on hilly, rocky, shrub-covered slopes; please dress accordingly. In particular, good boots, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts are strongly recommended. While on the site, use caution with respect to falling rocks and slippery slopes. We should be back on campus by about 6:00 p.m.; be sure to bring enough food, water, and miscellaneous items to ensure that you can function normally for the duration of the trip.

Click here for Arizona climate data, including Palisade Ranger Station on Mt. Lemmon (station 182 on this website; elevation = 2,440 m)