Greenhouse gases and global environmental change

Today's powerpoint file

Managers should consider at least the following: changes in local and regional climate (e.g., via surface-atmosphere interactions), physiognomic shifts in vegetation, changes in runoff and erosion, implications for abundance and distribution of native plants and animals, and implications for carbon sequestration

Today, we will discuss the factors likely to change within the next 50 years, and we will consider the probability that these changes will influence ecosystems

Sources, outcomes, and solutions

Examples of recent successes

Likely impacts

Plausible impacts tied to oceans thermohaline conveyer belt


Regional impacts

Discussion will focus on an ecosystem with which you are familiar and a land-management organization that you represent (e.g., USDA Forest Service, USDI Bureau of Land Management, USDI National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy, Department of Defense, Arizona State Lands Department, private landowner). The latter will allow you to specify a mission and goals. Your discussion will be most useful if you conduct research before class on the mission and goals of one or two organizations.

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