Schedule of Classes

Jan 10 Introduction
Jan 17Vegetation management McPherson and DeStefano 2003 chapter 1
Jan 22Field trip: Saguaro National Park; Writing assignmentNPS Organic Act; article from Tucson Weekly
Jan 24Linking science, policy, and management
Jan 29Four spikes; Writing assignment KtN chapter 1
Jan 31Greenhouse gases and global environmental change Karl and Trenberth 2003
Feb 5Exam 1
Feb 7Global change: biological invasions (Erika Geiger)Pimentel et al. 2000
Feb 12Consumption; Writing assignment KtN chapters 3, 4
Feb 14Silviculture Barnett and Baker 1991
Feb 19Solving the consumption problem; Writing assignment KtN chapter 6
Feb 21Human population growth KtN chapters 2, 7; Hansen et al. 2005
Feb 26Consequences of human population growth; Writing assignment
Feb 28Biodiversity matters; Conservation biology as a discipline KtN chapter 5; Noss 1999
Mar 5Exam 2
Mar 7Infectious diseaseEpstein 1997
Mar 11-18Spring Break
Mar 19Major environmental legislation (Chris McDonald); Writing assignment Endangered Species Act
Mar 21 Professional panel: mitigating the extinction crisis (four guests invited) KtN chapter 8
Mar 26Ecological footprint; Professional ethics in natural resource management; Writing assignment Balmford et al. 2002; Wackernagel et al. 2002
Mar 28Conservation planning The Nature Conservancy 1997
Apr 2Exam 3
Apr 4Ecological drivers in southwestern ecosystems McPherson and Weltzin 2000
Apr 9Plant control; Fire; Writing assignmentMcPherson DRAFT monograph
Apr 11Fire ecology, fire management, fire policy McPherson DRAFT monograph
Apr 16Discussion: livestock grazing on western rangelands; Writing assignment Freilich et al. 2003; McPherson 2004
Apr 18 Professional panel: mitigating the extinction crisis (four guests invited)KtN chapter 8 (again)
Apr 23Exhibit art and literature projects
Apr 25Exam 4
Apr 30Field trip, Mt. Lemmon; Writing assignment Muldavin et al. 1996
May 2 Sustainability; Course evaluations KtN chapter 9
May 4Exam 5: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.