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Upland Regional Variety Trials - 2001

Test Locations:

YAC test - Yuma Ag Center, Yuma County, Elevation=105 ft.
MAR test - Marana Ag Center, Pima County, Elevation=1,960 ft.
MAC early - Maricopa Ag Center, Pinal County, Elevation=1,175 ft.
MAC full season - Maricopa Ag Center, Pinal County, Elevation=1,175 ft.
SAC - Safford Ag Center, Graham County, Elevation=2,950 ft.

(NOTE: The MAC full season and SAC tests are part of the National Ctton Variety Testing Program)

Experimental Design: Entries will be arranged in a randomized complete block design with four or five replications. Three check varieties (NuCOTN 33B, SG747, and STV474) will be placed in all five tests. Plots will be four rows wide, 36-40 inches apart and about 40 ft. in length (note: at SAC we use two-row plots due to space limitations). Planting rates will be about 20-25 lbs/A and all plots will be hand-thinned to a final stand of 3 plants per foot. Conventional cultural practices appropriate for the region will be followed for each test. Boll samples will be hand harvested from each replication to determine lint percent, boll size, and fiber properties. Mature plant height will be measured for each plot. The middle two rows of each plot will be machine picked to determine seed cotton yields. Lint yields will be calculated from lint percent and seed cotton yields.

The test at Yuma and the Early-season test at Maricopa are designed for early maturing varieties. The MAC full-season test is designed for full-season varieties. The test at Marana may experience Verticillium wilt infestations.

Data summary: Complete results will be summarized and included in the 2001 University of Arizona Cotton Report. Preliminary reports will be prepared in January of 2001.

National Standards: Four National Standards (Acala 1517-99, SG747, NuCotton 33B, and All-Tex Atlas) will be included in the MAC-full season, and Safford Tests.

Cost: $100 per entry per location.

Procedure for entering:

  • Return entry forms by February 18, 2000
  • Seed should be acid delinted and not treated with systemic insecticides.
  • Send 3 lbs of seed per test and entry fees to arrive no later than:
  • February 23 for Yuma test
  • March 1 for Maricopa, Marana, and Safford

All forms, seed, and checks should be sent to:
Hal Moser
University of Arizona
Maricopa Ag Center
37860 W. Smith-Enke Rd
Maricopa, AZ 85239

The following application form is a PDF document which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Application form PDF, 4 KB

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State-wide: Central Eastern Western Yuma
Regional: Maricopa Marana Safford Yuma

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