Timothy Collier:
Dept. of Entomology,
Forbes Bldg., Room 410,
The University of Arizona,
Tucson, AZ, USA, 85721
(520) 626-4094 (Lab Phone)
(520) 621-1150 (FAX)
e-mail: tcollier@ag.arizona.edu

Current Research Activities:
By definition, populations are collections of individual organisms, and it is the collective responses of individuals to environmental factors that determine the population-level responses to these factors. My research attempts to understand parasitoid-host and parasitoid-parasitoid interactions at the population-level through a mechanistic understanding of parasitoid behavior at the level of the individual. Most recently I have been investigating the role of oviposition behavior in interference competitive among parasitoids, specifically aphelinid parasitoids of the sweetpotato whitefly. I also have a broad interest in the connection between natural enemy life history and effective biological control.

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