Peter C. Ellsworth:
University of Arizona, Department of Entomology
Maricopa Agricultural Center
37860 W. Smith-Enke Rd
Maricopa, Arizona, USA 85239
520-568-2273 ext. 225
520-568-2556 (FAX)

Current BioControl Research Activities:
    Integrated Pest Management, especially in cotton

    Integrated whitefly management in cotton:

    • Life table analyses (in situ) in managed and unmanaged cotton and other crop and non-crop systems (with S. Naranjo)
    • Optimization of chemical controls including insect growth regulators
    • Low temperature dynamics and overwintering ecology (with Naranjo)

    Integrated Lygus management in cotton:

    • Community-wide detection and sampling of Lygus (with Husman, Langston)
    • Geographical Information Systems development for large-scale Lygus management in Arizona cotton (with Carriere, Husman, Langston, Antilla)
    • Optimization of chemical controls including sampling and thresholds

    Integrated pink bollworm management in cotton:

    • Evaluation of Bollgard II technology
    • Isogenic comparisons of Bollgard, Bollgard II, other novel Bt events, and conventional cottons (with Moser & Marchosky)
    • Impact of Bt transgenic cottons on non-target organisms & arthropod communities (with Marchosky)

    Integrated crop & cross-commodity management, and development of internet-based education (with J. Jones, Palumbo, Clay, Umeda, Giclas); see

    For additional information on the projects above please contact me or leave a message.

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