James R. Hagler:
USDA-ARS, Western Cotton Research Laboratory
4135 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA 85040
602-379-3524 x243
602-379-4509 (FAX)
e-mail: jhagler@wcrl.ars.usda.gov

Current Research Activities:
  • Development of pest-specific monoclonal antibodies for use in analyzing predator gut contents for prey remains.
  • Characterization of the cotton predator complex attacking pink bollworm, silverleaf whitefly, and lygus using monoclonal antibodies.
  • Field evaluation of the impact of conventional and biorational insecticides on abundance and activity of silverleaf whitefly predators.
  • Development of a novel insect marking procedure with emphasis on marking small parasitoids.
  • Characterization of the dispersal patterns of predators, parasitoids and pests (Lygus hesperus).
  • Examination of the feeding behavior of key whitefly predators.

For additional information on the projects above please contact me or leave a message.

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