CALS Strategic Plans

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Strategic Plan [full document, rev. 6/23/2016]


  1. Be a leading economic development engine for Arizona.

  2. Produce employable graduates, who can do jobs that do not yet exist and create new jobs.

  3. Be the most sought-after place to be a part of.

  4. Be the most effective, efficient, responsive, flexible, and financially sustainable college on campus.

Three Mission Areas

Career and Academic Services [full document, rev. 2/12/2014]


  1. Enhance student learning opportunities.
  2. Improve learning and career development infrastructure.
  3. Develop financial support for Career and Academic Services.
  4. Enhance career development.
  5. Expand innovative educational programs.
  6. Enhance CALS retention.
  7. Promote faculty excellence.
  8. Enhance CALS recruitment.

Research [draft, rev. 1/2016]


  1. Build on existing research strengths and identify strategic new investment areas to maximize research achievement.
  2. Optimize CALS research infrastructure to support the CALS research mission.
  3. Define and measure resource generation for research.
  4. Expand communication on research activities.
  5. Build tech transfer, IP development, external business relations/development.

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension [full document, rev. 6/2012]


  1. Excellence in integrated CES research and education programs that improve lives, communities, and the economy (4-H YD, FCHS, ANR, FRTEP).
  2. Demonstrate and communicate the positive economic and social impacts of the CES programs.
  3. Invest CES resources in a strategic manner to address priorities and critical needs in Arizona and globally.

Academic Units

Other Units/Centers

Reports from Advisory Councils and Committees