The University of Arizona

Special Instructions for the Cotton Report

General points

  • Submit pdf file that is not password protected, with text, figures, tables -- everything -- that is "camera-ready."
  • Do not number the pages.
  • Send electronic version of article as an email attachment.
  • Edits to abstract, tables, etc. may be requested but accuracy is up to you.
  • Entire articles will be posted online. Abstracts will be printed in a report to help promote the web site that contains the full articles. To ensure your abstract is in the printed report, please submit your article with an extended abstract of 350 to 400 words that is understandable to lay audiences for each article .
  • On each submission, the submitting author NEEDS to provide full name, title, and current email address of ALL authors/co-authors on the article.

For uniformity the following style is suggested:

  1. Typeface is Times. Body type and Author Line are 10-point. Article Title is 18 point; all other titles are 12-point.
  2. Line spacing: double space between paragraphs; double space between Article Title and Author Line; 6 spaces after Author Line; triple space between sections; double space after all titles.
  3. Body text is justified. Abstract is indented 1" on right and left. All titles and author lines are centered.
  4. Margins are set at 1" top, bottom, right and left.
  5. Tables, graphs and figure should be sized to conform with margin requirements.

Style Summary

  • Article Title: Times, 18-point, centered, bold, upper/lowercase.
  • Author Line: Times, 10-point, centered, italic, upper/lowercase.
  • Abstract Title: Times, 12-point, centered, bold, italic.
  • Abstract Text: Times, 10-point, italic, indent 1" both sides.
  • Section Titles: Times, 12-point, centered, bold, upper/lowercase.
  • Main Text: Times, 10-point.

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