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    Weeds are defined as plants that interfere with management objectives in a certain area during a certain period of time. Weeds are described as "noxious" when they are exotic (non-native) and are known to negatively impact agriculture, navigation, fish, wildlife, or public health. Other terms used are invasive plant species, introduced plant species, or non-indigenous plant species. Introduced from other regions, noxious weeds can spread rapidly and alter important ecosystem services at a site. Below are a list of websites that provide helpful and relevant information on such invasive plant species for both Arizona and the United States.


  • Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse
    Cooperative effort among the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Park Service and Northern Arizona University to organize comprehensive information on exotic plant species in the southwest on one web location. Database of weed species is searchable by scientific or by common name.
  • Howery, L.D. and G.B.Ruyle. 1996. Noxious weeds
    A disaster looking for a place to happen in Arizona!! The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension peer-reviewed pamphlet #196010.
  • Arizona Noxious Weeds List


  • USDA Forest Service Invasive Species Program
    Covers invasive diseases, insects, plants and aquatic species.
  • Invasive Species
    Archive of images related to invasive, introduced or exotic species, most in the public domain. Particular emphasis on environmental education.

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) web sites:
    Natural Resource Conservation Service
    Arizona Natural Resource Conservation Service

  • BLM Weeds Website

  • National Invasive Species Council website (NISIC)
    Information and news on intergovernmental work related to the science of invasive species issues. Provides helpful information identification, assessment, and eradication efforts for invasive species

  • APHIS/PPQ Invasive Species and Pest Management

  • USDA's National Agricultural Library Invasive Species
    Gateway to Federal efforts concerning invasive species.

  • US National Plant List


  • Invaders Database System at the University of Montana Although the database is specifically for five northwestern states, much of the management information on this web site is applicable to other areas. Site contains noxious weed listings for all states in US and some areas in Canada.

  • North Carolina State University Aquatic Weed
    Information on aquatic plants, such as hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) and giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta), which have begun to invade Arizona waterbodies and waterways.
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