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Professional Achievement 2003 - Ruth Dyer

Professional Achievement 2003 - Ruth Dyer

Ruth graduated with distinction from the University of Arizona in 1940 with a BS degree in the College of Agriculture. She majored in Home Economics with a minor in Chemistry. Enrollment at that time was 2,500 making it easy to be develop strong and lasting friendships. She continued her education on scholarship at the University of Chicago. Ruth is married to John W. Dyer. They have a son and a daughter, five grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Mrs. Dyer served as an assistant research chemist for Sherwin Williams in their chemical products laboratory during World War II while waiting for her husband, John, to return from the service.

Then began Ruth’s career in community involvement. She has arranged alter flowers for church services each Sunday for 36 years. She created and sold individual note stationary to the Art Institute of Chicago Gift shop. Fund Raising projects at Chicago Laboratory Schools have been a specialty for Ruth. She has been active in many nature conservation organizations since 1951. Mrs. Dyer donated her letterwoman’s sweater and her ÒAÓ blanket from her athletic days to the University of Arizona Athletic Heritage Center. Ruth says her 5 years at U of A were a privilege and a job and set the course of her life. Ruth is a significant role model of her generation for her belief in the family foundation. Families like hers are the bedrock of our communities and country. Ruth’s life exemplifies her strong belief in family values.

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