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Professional Achievement 2004 - Nathalene Green

Professional Achievement 2004 - Nathalene Green

Nathalene completed the program at Eastern Arizona College and then entered the University of Arizona where she earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees. She did her student teaching in Willcox and in 1970 taught for Pima Schools. In 1971 Nathalene began her 22 years as the only full time teacher and administrator of the Home Economics/Family and Consumer Sciences Program at Eastern. She worked tirelessly to provide all the course content necessary for a well-rounded program to meet the needs of her students. Nathalene was a caring, committed teacher who inspired any she came in contact with to do their very best. She possessed a wonderful ability to relate important learnings to the life situations of the students in her classes. She raised the bar so that students would strive to be their best ...but the bar was based on the individuals capabilities not a bar to prevent each person from attaining/achieving his/her best.

Nathalene had a special teaching style. Her gentle manner allowed questions without fear of error; her wit and smile always reassured students that she was with you. Her interest in life-long learning kept her up-to-date in the fields related to her student’s interests as well as her own desires to know more. She was progressive and aggressive when it came to state-of-the-art equipment for her department. Her department grew as it met the diverse needs of the community. She incorporated the expertise of many who shared their skills and knowledge with the men and women of all ages. She served as an inspiration to women who were interested in returning to school since she had raised her family and then returned to earn her degrees. She made a difference in the lives of everyone who entered her department. In her ten-plus years of retirement she has not slowed her pace. She keeps up with her 6 children, her 24 grand- children and soon-to-be 25 great grandchildren. Her volunteer work is an important part of her commitment to serve others.

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