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Mary Ann Eastlick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Retailing and Consumer Sciences
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My undergraduate training, combined with several years of work experience in the retailing and commercial furnishings industries, led me to develop a strong interest in understanding how business-to-consumer firms interact with their customers. During my academic career, this interest culminated in the development of research programs aimed at exploring predictors of consumer patronage toward brick-and-mortar and nonstore (i.e., catalog, online, etc.) retail firms. Because technology and self-service have more recently become integral to consumers’ nonstore patronage decisions, I have also incorporated consumer adoption of retail-enabling technologies, particularly their use of self-service technologies, into my research.

In my role as a professor and researcher, I especially enjoy working with graduate and undergraduate students. It is very satisfying to support them in pursuing their interests and watching them launch their professional careers.

I live in Tucson with my husband. We enjoy traveling, participating in outdoor activities and spending time with family.

Areas of expertise: 

Store patronage

Multichannel retailing

Nonstore retailing (e.g., online, catalog, etc.)

Technology adoption

Research Focus: 

My research employs theoretical frameworks such as attitude theory, attribution theory, relationship theory and consumer value to investigate research questions that contribute to theoretical development in areas related to consumer participation, trust, paradoxes of technology, experiential value and service quality. Via these frameworks, the studies that I have conducted have examined consumer decision-making as related to retail patronage of store-based, nonstore, interactive and multichannel retail firms and consumer adoption of new technologies.

Current Projects: 
  • Principal Investigator, Exploring Consumers’ Multi-Channel Shopping Experience Through Customer Participation. Funded by IBM Global Services Division. Collaborator: Dr. Sherry Lotz, Co-Principal Investigator.
  • Co-Investigator, When Consumers’ Roles Matter: A Research Model for Examining an Online Service Failure Appraisal. Funded by Direct Marketing Policy Center. Collaborator: Lin Guo, Ph.D. Graduate Student, PI.
  • Co-Investigator, Goal Setting and Striving: The Self-Regulation Model of Goal Attainment on Consumer Debt Behavior. Funded by Take Charge America Institute. Collaborator: Chuanyi Tang, Ph.D. Graduate Student, PI.
  • Co-Investigator, Toward a New Paradigm for Examining Emotional Responses to the Adoption to Sustaining Technologies. Collaborator: Jennifer Andrews, Ph.D. Graduate Student, PI.
  • Co-Investigator, Using Contrast Effects to Understand Display Product Evaluations. Collaborator: Anubha Mishra, PI.
Subjects Taught: 
  • Merchandising planning and control (undergraduate)
  • Interactive and nonstore retailing (undergraduate)
  • Theories in retailing and consumer behavior (graduate)
  • Current research issues in retail management (graduate)
  • Theoretical perspectives in global consumption and retailing (graduate)
  • Theory and research in nonstore and multichannel retailing (graduate)
  • Research process and academic writing (graduate)
Select Publications: 

Please contact Dr. Mary Ann Eastlick if you are unable to locate one of the publications listed below.

Mishra, A. & Eastlick, M.A. (2009). A propositional framework for evaluating the influence of display formats on product evaluation. In Retailing 2009: Strategic planning in uncertain times, J. Evans (Ed.). 12, 240-245. Hempstead, NY: Academy of Marketing Association.

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Eastlick, M.A., & Lotz, S. (2000). Objective and multidimensional acculturation measures: Implications for retailing to Hispanic consumers. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 7 (3), 149-160.

Eastlick, M. A. & Lotz, S. (1999). Profiling potential adopters of interactive teleshopping. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 27 (6), 209-228. (Awarded best paper in journal during 1999).

Eastlick, M. A. & Feinberg, R. A. (1999). Shopping motives for mail catalog shopping. Journal of Business Research. 45 (3), 281-290.

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