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Marisol Moreno

Name: Marisol Moreno

Year: Senior, Graduating May 2014

Major: Double majoring Family Studies and Human Developing and Spanish and Portuguese

Where you are from and what you want to do?

I am from San Luis, AZ, but born in Mexico. Four years ago I decided to move to Tucson to approach my dream of going to college. I decided to come to the University of Arizona because it gave me a lot of opportunities for my future. I am currently a FSHD major and Spanish and Portuguese, these majors have help me to set goals in my life and finding ways to complete them. After I graduate from college I plan to attend Nursing School to start working on the accelerated master’s program. It has always been important to become part of the community and provide help as much as possible. Joining FSHD ambassadors it’s helping me to reach my goals and help the community around Tucson. Something I want to do after I have accomplish my master’s is to start working in a hospital of a small community that is really in need of professionals. In this way I will not only be helping the community but also helping myself approaching my dreams and goals

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