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Research Assistant

"I didn't know if I would like research...but I am so glad I tried it! I have been pleased with how I have contributed to the important research about kids and families." 
FSHD student


If you are interested in working as an undergraduate research assistant for academic credit:

1. You must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.25.

2. Make an appointment with your FSHD advisor to determine how these credits will be counted toward your major or minor requirements. Once that is determined use the following links to identify an opportunity that you would like to apply for.

Each semester the research opportunities change.

3. Search for a Undergraduate Research Assistantship opportunity


4. Contact the faculty or research group about your interest. If it is determined that you will be a research assistant for that faculty member or research group, complete an independent study proposal form with him or her (


5. Bring the signed (faculty and student signatures) form to McPRK 203 to be registered for the credits.


"Being a research assistant gives you the best opportunity to learn and prepare for graduate study, if you choose that path!" FSHD student
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