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Clipping coupons isn't just for penny pinchers

There are more coupon booklets out right now because of the holidays and that means more people using them at places like Target and grocery stores. But a report out today from researchers on the University of Arizona campus found surprising information about who is using coupons most. 

Shoppers are always looking for a good deal, but it's how hard you're willing to look that creates a divide.  "I use a lot of the frozen items, a lot of refrigerated items," said Renee Aitken who uses coupons frequently. UA consumer researcher, Anita Bhappu just finished a study on analyzing people who coupon. Two hundred and fifty people nationwide took the online survey. Researchers categorized responders as: non users, average users, or high users. If you use six to 20 coupons on one shopping trip, you're a "high user," according to the study.

"People are using more coupons," Bhappu said. But it's who's using that may surprise you.  "The non users are actually the least affluent, and the high users are the most affluent," Bhappu said. "That is rather contrary to at least the assumptions we have about coupon users."

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