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Congratulations to Shannon Corkery and Joel Muraco

Congratulations to Shannon Corkery and her 1st place award for Outstanding Research Assistant from GPSC (Graduate and Professional Student Council)!

Letter writers for Shannon were (in alphabetical order by last name):
Melissa Curran, Alicia Ernsky (FSHD undergraduate student), Joel Muraco, Angela Palomer (FSHD undergraduate student), Ashley Randall, and Andrea Romero.

And the good news continues! Joel Muraco won the 1st place award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant from GPSC!

Letter writers for Joel were (in alphabetical order by last name):
Shannon Corkery, Melissa Curran, Heather Hyman (former FSHD undergraduate), Maureen Kelly, Benjaline Medlock (former FSHD undergraduate), Jameela Norton (former FSHD undergraduate), Pamela Payne, Ashley Randall, and Jenny Simon.

Congratulations again, Shannon and Joel!

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