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Adopt-A-Classroom: A Norton School Tradition

The FSHD Ambassadors and TREND would like to thank the Norton School faculty, staff and appointed personnel for their support of our 3rd annual Adopt-A-Classroom holiday fundraiser.

Thank you all for purchasing signature cookies, and donating or making hats, scarfs and gloves. Your contributions make the holiday brighter for deserv-ing children.

FSHD Ambassadors and TREND, two student run organizations from the Norton School, partnered up this year to bring holiday cheer to 25 students in a first grade classroom at Walter Douglas Elementary School in the Flowing Wells District. Each student received a coloring book, crayons, an age appropri-ate chapter book, a toy, gloves and other winter ac-cessories.

Mrs. Vergara, the classroom teacher, stated that for many of the children this will be the only holiday gifts they receive. Some of her students do not have stable homes. Mrs. Vergara said, “families are really struggling this year…some of them don’t even have their own crayons at home.”

One little boy decided to wait to open his pre-sents so he and his brother could share the mem-ories together. While all the other kids were rip-ping open their wrapping paper and opening their toys, he quietly walked to his desk and laid the beautifully decorated package present neatly on the table.

Dr. Allison Ewing-Cooper, FSHD Faculty advi-sor, said, “This is why signature cookies is so important; we are able to organize such a great event that not only brings both FSHD and RCSC students together but really helps children in the Tucson community.”

Mrs. Vegara commented on how the individual-ized attention the U of A students gave to her children is invaluable. She said, “The children at Walter Douglas will be talking about the U of A students for weeks to come.”

Thank you again and happy holidays!

Adopt a Classroom Fall 2012 Flyer


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