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Are Millennials Redefining Adulthood?

What does it mean to be a "grown-up?"

Once upon a time, a spouse, children and a home were among the most typical hallmarks of adulthood. But that definition may be changing, says one researcher involved in an ongoing University of Arizona study of young adults.

The UA launched the Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students study – also known as APLUS – in 2007, with the goal of better understanding the financial knowledge and behaviors of young adults.

The study, which continues to follow a group students who started as UA freshmen in 2007, recently made national headlines for its finding that more than half of young adults ages 23 to 26 still rely on their parents for financial support.

But that's not the only trend worth noting in the research, which paints a picture of the millennial generation that goes beyond just dollars and cents.


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